Not all people are necessarily human

This is their story and you can help us to tell it.

[NON]-HUMAN PERSON is a documentary feature film that reflects on the legal figure of “non-human person” applied to great apes. If it has been scientifically, anthropologically and philosophically proven that they are capable of communicating, feeling emotions, reasoning and having memory … should they not have, at least, the three fundamental rights: the right to life, to freedom and not to be tortured as the rest of the people?

But in order to finish our film … we need your help! In the few weeks, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign. If you are the first to contribute, you will be able to receive limited and exclusive rewards.

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With your contribution, you will not only help us to finish our documentary, but you will also joining forces in the fight for the rights of the great apes in particular and of animals in general.

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